Make more profit from every sale

Competitor Price Watch helps you maximise profit by monitoring all your competitors prices, meaning you sell more, and make more money from those products you are already selling.

We provide a premium price monitoring service, set up by humans (not spiders) for the best possible accuracy which is managed by our team of experts from our UK offices. You'll find someone on the end of the phone willing to help whenever you need it.

Monitor Competitors Prices

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Human edited and fully managed for maximum accuracy

We are unique because we use humans for your product matches ensuring your data is as accurate as humanly possible. We achieve an industry leading 98% accuracy for our clients. No spider can achieve this level of accuracy.

Most companies also do not have the resources to spend considerable time setting up matches between their data and competitors (and keep it up to date), we set them up for you.

Our team of staff waiting to help you by phone and email

With over ten dedicated Competitor Price Watch staff we are not a 'one man band' outfit or software house looking to monetise their business, but a dedicated company specifically set up to provide the very best price comparison service, from our ten years of retail experience in actually owning stores.

Proactive price changes help you maximise profits

You simply tell our system your pricing strategy and it tells you when, where and how to adjust your prices to increase your profit. It's about adjusting up as well as down, the moment your competitors make their move.

Designed to fit around your business

With hundreds of features designed specifically for the online retailer developed from more than ten years of retail experience, our system is designed to fit around your business so you receive the perfect solution.

Making you more money and saving you time

The use of our proprietary systems can create a huge uplift in sales whilst reducing cart abandonment at the same time.

The small cost of using the CPW system is refunded to you many times over every month by the increase in profit.

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